$222.00 USD

Private Channeling Session 60 Minutes

Dr Satori Madrone is a channel for the Lyran Council of Unity Consciousness, 12th dimensional starbeings who bring unconditional love and support for your personal and spiritual transformation and conscious evolution. This collective is the main group that Dr Satori channels, although other high-dimensional, love-light beings may also come through, depending on the energy and what the client needs. This might include Dr Satori's Pleiadian guide, Dale, Archangel Michael, the unicorns, dragons, ascended masters, and others.

The beings who Dr Satori channels bring in high vibrational frequencies, offering energetic transmissions during your session that are uniquely customized to your needs. 

In this 60 minute channeling session via Zoom, you are invited to ask questions. You will get the most out of your session by coming prepared with a list of questions or topics you'd like to address. Due to time restraints, you may not be able to ask all questions, so it can be helpful to prioritize your list.

Please note that while Dr Satori is not able to provide medical advice or diagnoses, she may offer spiritual and energetic support for health concerns.

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