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Searching for the solution to life's problems can feel like you're trapped in a maze with no way out.

Have you tried everything to solve the problem but nothing seems to work?

Are you searching for answers but can't figure out the solution?

Does it seem like others have solved the puzzle but you can't seem to?

Maybe you're feeling frustrated, at your wits' end...

And perhaps you're struggling against the clock to come up with answers but you've run out of ideas.

Or maybe you're starting to lose hope and don't know where to turn...


Channeling unlocks communication with Divine Spiritual Beings, Source Creator, or Higher Consciousness to receive messages of wisdom, compassion, guidance and loving support.




The solutions you seek aren't always available to the mind. In other words, thinking your way to the answer doesn't always work.

That's because the mind only understands information it has gathered based on past experiences, "the known," and the mind can't conceive of potentials that are "unknown."







In other words, answers aren't something the mind can figure out on its own, especially when you're faced with a situation you haven't experienced or haven't been able to solve before.

This "unknown" factor is what creates the gap between confronting the problem and understanding the solution and what steps to take to achieve results.







It's time to explore a greater truth by getting a spiritual perspective that you've probably struggled to access on your own.

Channeling is the key to bridging the gap and unlocking the information you seek.


Experience a 1-on-1, private channeling session with Dr Satori as she channels the Lyran Council of Unity Consciousness or other higher dimensional love-light beings.

Here's how it works...


Prior to your session, create a list of questions you want to ask. Make sure to prioritize them, asking the most important questions first.


You will meet face-to-face with Dr Satori on Zoom, so make sure that your camera and microphone are working and that you'll be in a quiet place where you won't be disturbed.


After a brief meditation guided by Dr Satori, the Lyrans will introduce themselves and ask for your questions. You may feel their loving energies as they assist you.


You'll have a few minutes at the end of your session to debrief and wrap up with Dr Satori. Later, you'll receive an email with a link to download your recording, if desired.


Hi, I'm Dr Satori.

My life's mission is to provide support for your healing, wellness and ascension journey. Over the past 29 years, I've practiced various therapeutic modalities ranging from hypnotherapy to massage, energy work, and psychotherapy. With a PhD in human sexuality, I provide sexological coaching and consulting to support sexual health goals. I've also spent 9 years focusing on business strategy, and I continue helping people in small businesses develop successful business and marketing plans. However, my main focus is serving others to consciously evolve through private channeling sessions, which is my absolute joy.


Dr Satori regularly works with clients from around the world. Below are a few testimonials.

I felt l very cherished during my session with Dr Satori Madrone and her council. Our opening meditation was beautiful and heart opening, which lead into my questions. I had all my questions answered, and the council gave a surprise at the end. I am so happy to have connected with Dr Satori Madrone!!!

Annie S., Healer, New Tripoli, Pennsylvania, USA

It was life changing. I went in with no real expectations, it was more for fun. When I asked the questions I did, I was guided in a gentle peaceful safe way on how to heal and clear one of my biggest childhood traumas which has vastly shaped the way I think and therefore behave. I truly had no idea I was going for that, yet I was ready to let it go. It was a life changing session I will not forget. Thank you for the gift you have helped me to receive.

Sandra Lujan, Nurse, Sunnyvale, California, USA

I can only say that my session today marks a pivotal shift in the direction of my life and my soul's evolution. What began as a pure channeling session with the beautiful Lyran Council of Unity Consciousness, in which I anticipated receiving guidance in a somewhat passive way, evolved instead into one in which I was actively participating, conversing with and channeling aspects of my own Self, co-creating with the Divine Feminine, as she lovingly guided me to become my I AM Presence in the most beautiful unfolding and awakening. Words are going to fail hopelessly here, but I would like to gratefully acknowledge that this was not only witnessed, but also made possible, by you, Satori. Thank you. I am most humbly and profoundly grateful for this most precious of gifts.

Trudie Tara Moulton, Artist, trudietaramoulton.art

Pure loving magic. This is in a nutshell what I can say about my session with Satori. The Lyran Council and Satori are so loving and peaceful and they speak in such a kind way addressing your exact situation and helping you to create a deep-deep change within in you so you understand and heal so many layers and years that is magical. 

In my case it turned out to be a delightful intertwined set of believes and feelings that I held since I had some traumatic situations when was 8 years old and in my session we deep dive in the most important one and after that, the rest of the situations started to open like pop-corns and I immediately felt the healing. I felt I had healed 35 years of my life in 60¬īs. And I know that I have more healing to unfold as I listen again the session because there is so much information that it takes a while to digest it. This was just the tip of the Iceberg of many healings. Amazing‚Ķ¬†

I strongly recommend to take the time and thoroughly work on the questions you want to address and have them prioritized before the session because it helps a lot! 

Thank you Satori for sharing this beautiful gift you have and to share with us the love, understanding and peace that you emanate.

Mariana Arizmendi,¬†San Sebasti√°n,¬†Guip√ļzcoa, Spain,¬†MICE DMC - Basque Country,¬†www.gsincoming.com



The channeling experience is unique to the practitioner, their guide groups, and the energies that they work with. Here are some important details you should know about how Dr Satori approaches channeling and what makes her sessions unique.

1. What is channeling?

Channeling is the process through which an individual, referred to as a channeler, becomes a conduit for messages, wisdom, and energy from non-physical entities, higher consciousness, or spiritual beings. This practice involves tuning into higher frequencies of consciousness to receive and convey transformative insights meant to guide, heal, and inspire. 

Channeling requires the channeler to be in a high vibrational state, with an open heart and mind, allowing them to connect with benevolent beings or advanced intelligences. The messages received through channeling often emphasize themes of love, compassion, spiritual evolution, and the practical application of these principles in everyday life.

2. Is a channeler the same as a psychic or medium?

A channeler is not the same as a psychic or medium, although they all involve accessing information beyond the physical senses. 

Psychics use extrasensory perception skills (also known as "clairs") to gain information about people, objects, or events. This includes information that may be perceived through one or more of these most typical ways:

  1. Clairvoyance: "Clear seeing" or seeing information with inner sight, often referred to as the third eye.
  2. Clairaudience: "Clear hearing" or hearing information from the spiritual realm or other sources beyond the physical.
  3. Clairsentience: "Clear feeling" or feeling emotions or physical sensations from others or the environment.
  4. Claircognition: "Clear knowing" or attuning to an inner knowing or having intuition about something that surpasses any logical basis.

Mediums communicate with the spirits of the deceased. Here are some of the most common types of mediums:

  1. Mental Mediums:  Receive messages from spirits through their mind, often presented as thoughts, feelings, or images.
  2. Physical Mediums: Receive physical sensations (including movements and vocalizations) from spirits that manifest within the body of the medium.
  3. Trance Mediums: Receive information by entering a trance state to allow spirits to speak or act through them. This trance state is often deeply subconscious with limited or no recall of what happened.
  4. Channeling Mediums: Receive direct messages from spirits by being a "channel" for the information.

Channels connect with higher consciousnesses, entities, or energies from non-physical realms, often to bring through wisdom or guidance for spiritual development. Types of channels typical include the following:

  1. Conscious Channels: Remain fully aware while channeling and can recall the information conveyed.
  2. Trance Channels: Enter a deep trance state, allowing the channeled being to speak or act through them, often with limited recall.
  3. Automatic Writers: Write messages from higher beings or spirits without conscious control over the writing process.
  4. Direct Voice Channels: Produce voices from higher beings directly through the vocal cords.

Here's the difference between session types:

  1. Psychic Readings: Using extrasensory awareness to interpret information through one of more methods (or "clairs") to provide personal, practical insights into various aspects of life. Additionally, divination tools (pendulums, oracle cards, stones, etc.) may be used to assist in receiving and/or deciphering the information that is received.
  2. Mediumship Readings: Connects the living with their loved ones who have passed to provide comfort, closure, and validation.
  3. Channeling Session: Directly channeling information to receive spiritual insights, guidance, or teachings from advanced beings, spirit guides, or higher dimensions.

Dr Satori is a conscious and direct voice channel, and her sessions focus on channeling information from higher love-light beings for the purpose of spiritual transformation and evolution, opening doors to profound insights that can enhance every aspect of life.

Additionally, while psychic and mediumship readings are most commonly a passive experience, in your session with Dr Satori, you are an active participant in your spiritual evolution. The guides who Dr Satori works with are here to help you expand your understanding of who you are and to help elevate your consciousness through your involvement. 


3. Who does Dr Satori Channel?

In your channeling session, you will most likely speak with the Lyran Council of Unity Consciousness, who is the predominant guide group that Dr Satori channels in her private sessions. However, other higher dimensional love-light beings such as other star beings, ascended masters, archangels, Gaia, faeries, dragons, unicorns, and others may spontaneously come through. And, while family members who have transitioned may wish to be part of your session, they will share their messages with the Lyrans or others, as Dr Satori does not directly channel deceased loved ones.

Historically, Lyrans are an ancient group of Star Beings (also called a Star Family, Extra Terrestrials or Extra Dimensionals) who look like humanoid lions and who first originated from the constellation of Lyra millions of years ago.

The council who partners with Dr Satori is a collective consciousness of 12th dimensional Lyrans who engage with humanity through the frequencies and perspectives of the 8th dimension. Because they have ascended physical form long ago, they are not individualized beings and come through as a high vibrational consciousness collective. 

This Lyran council serves humanity at this time through the frequencies of unconditional love and unity, which is their signature vibration. Their energy and messages align with the perspective of love and the divine I AM Presence, which can assist you in gaining greater clarity about all aspects of your life as you navigate your path to greater conscious evolution and ascension.

4. What kinds of questions can I ask?

You will receive the greatest benefit in your session when you come prepared with questions. You don't need a huge list and it's helpful to prioritize your questions in case there isn't enough time to address all of them.

In your channeling session, you can ask any questions you'd like. You may wish to ask questions about your spiritual path, abundance, relationships, your purpose, career, feeling stuck or blocked, questions relating to health and wellbeing, seeking clarity around an issue, and more.

This session is focused on your personal and spiritual growth and development, so the answers you receive will be connected to these core topics.

Please note that Dr Satori is not able to diagnose medical conditions or prescribe medical treatments or remedies. You are still invited to ask questions about health with the understanding that the information you receive is spiritually related and not medical advice, nor is it meant to replace the medical advice of your doctor or other medical professional. 

5. What is a channeling session with Dr Satori like?

Your private channeling session is focused on amplifying your spiritual evolution, bringing forth information and energies that support your ascension journey. 

During your channeling session, you're invited to close your eyes and go inside, and to feel the energies that are coming to you from the Lyran Council of Unity Consciousness, your guides, and others who come during this time to support you. You may be asked to feel or sense things, use your intuition or inner guidance, and to communicate with parts of your consciousness such as your inner child or higher self. All of this is done to empower you to fully participate in receiving the answers to your questions in a way that is deeply meaningful, joyful, and increases the depth of your knowing and self-trust.

The Lyrans and other higher dimensional beings who may be introduced in your session are here to assist your awakening and enlightenment journey, not to just give you information. It's truly a session filled with unconditional love and transformation.


6. Can channeling predict my future? 

No one can tell you exactly what will happen in the future. This is because there are infinite timelines and possibilities existing at every moment, as the future (and the past) exists "now." Even when attempting to pinpoint the most likely future scenario that may happen, chances are that things won't exactly turn out as predicted.

This is because you are always in the process of creating your future moment-by-moment with every thought, emotion and decision you make. However, channeling can support you in navigating your most soul-aligned path and assist you in creating the future of your dreams.

In this experiential session, you can gain greater clarity about what feels most in harmony with your goals or desires, discovering what brings you joy and excitement so you can create the life that you want, not the life that someone else predicts for you.  

7. Will I receive a recording of my session?

Yes, you may request access to the recording. Sessions will be recorded and a link to download your recording (MP4 & MP3 files) will be emailed to you within a few days following your session.

Your session recording isn't just a souvenier of your channeling experience. Because channeling is a spiritual and energetic experience that simultaneously occurs outside of time and space, the energies of your session will continue to be available to you as you listen to the replay. Although the words are the same each time you tune into the recording, you may hear things differently when you listen in again, as the meaning and energies may shift as you transform.


It's time to invest in your infinite potential, manifest your dreams and desires, and to become all of who you were born to be.

Unlock deeper wisdom and guidance to support your journey of higher vibrational living and loving. 

Schedule your private channeling session now.